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Please note MagicBot is currently in public beta. Feel free to send us your feedback!


MagicBot uses an innovative OCR technology which analyzes and extracts accurate data from the bills and receipts and then creates automatic transactions in SlickPie. It can read the images in PDF, JPG, PNG and GIF formats. Please note you need a Dropbox account to connect to MagicBot. If you do not have an account, you can create one at Dropbox.


This article will cover Connecting MagicBot and MagicBot Features.



Connecting the MagicBot

There are three steps involved to connect and use MagicBot:

Step 1: Connect to Dropbox

Step 2: Save Bills & Receipts

Step 3: Review & Approve



Step1: Connect to Dropbox

First of all, you have to connect MagicBot with your Dropbox account.


1. Go to Transactions and click Others.





2. Click MagicBot.




3. Click Connect to Dropbox.




4. When you click Connect to Dropbox, you will be prompted to Sign into your Dropbox account. Either you can log in if you have an existing account, or you can create a new one.




5. Once you are connected, a new folder, Apps, will be added to your Dropbox account.




6. Below Apps, you will see another folder named SlickPie MagicBot.




7. When you click SlickPie MagicBot, you will see another folder with your company's name.





Step 2: Save Bills & Receipts

Two subfolders are created below your company's folder where you can upload your bills/ receipts for MagicBot to read and categorize. The two folders are:


  1. To Process: You will upload all your bills and receipts in the folder.
  2. Processed: Once the documents uploaded are successfully read, will be automatically moved to this folder.

Please note Only JPG, JPEG, PDF, PNG and GIF formats with file size up to 10 MB can be processed.


Follow the steps as mentioned below to upload the documents:

1. Click Apps and then click the folder SlickPie MagicBot.


2. Under SlickPie folder there will be another folder with your company’s name.

Please note If you have more than 1 company with SlickPie, you have to connect each company individually to Dropbox. Each company will have folders under individual company's name.


3. Upload/ move your bills and receipts in the To Process folder. As soon as they are moved, MagicBot will detect the new files added to this folder and will show them in Crawling Status, that means MagicBot is reading the documents uploaded. All the bills and receipts stay in this folder till they are in this status.

Please note Time to scan the data depends on upon the number and clarity of the file uploaded.


The path to follow would be:

Dropbox >> Apps >> SlickPie >> {Company Folder} >> To Process.


For instance, once Paula's Pies has connected MagicBot with Dropbox, it will be like this:





Step 3: Review & Approve

Once the uploaded bills/ receipts are successfully scanned by MagicBot, they are moved to the Processed folder. The status is changed to Bot Drafted and they are ready to be reviewed and approved. All the files with Bot Drafted (that is Draft) and Approved status stay in the Processed folder.




Once the files are scanned, they are saved as Bot Drafted along with the picture of the document uploaded. This way you can review and verify the scanned data. This is where you review and edit the data scanned. Follow the steps as mentioned below:


1. Select the Bot Drafted document to be reviewed.




2. Select the Type, Bill or Receipt.

Please note If you select Bill, once approved it will be added to Bills and if you select Receipt, once approved it will be added to Expenses.


3. Verify the Date. This is the date when the transaction occurred.


4. Enter the Due Date, if any.


5. Verify Vendor Name.


6. Select the Bank Account. If the Bank Account is not in the list, click Add New.


7. Enter Sub Total amount.


8. Enter the Tax charged.


9. Select Chart of Account to be used. If you don’t have a Chart of Account, click Add New to create one.


10. Confirm the Total amount.


11. Click Approve, once all the information in details is confirmed to be correct. Remember, you can not edit the information once approved.




Once the document is approved, the receipt/ bill will be saved as an attachment in Record Income/ Record Expense.




MagicBot Features


Vendor Name

If it's a new vendor in the document scanned, the name will automatically be added to the Vendor list. You just have to add the details later on.



If the receipt is submitted by your employee who needs to be reimbursed, select Reimbursable. You will be able to select the name from the list or add a new one.





Fetch Documents

In case document/s are not picked up from the To Process folder or if they are missing for some reason, you can manually fetch them by clicking Fetch Docs. It will scan the folder and upload any missing document.

Please note Only JPG, JPEG, PDF, PNG and GIF formats with file size up to 10 MB can be processed.





Report an Error

If there's an error in the extracted data from the scanned document or if you are facing a challenge, click Report an Error.



Please note MagicBot is currently in public beta. Feel free to send us your feedback!



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