Add Company Information

In Company Information add the basic information about your company including the address, contact numbers, and some other business details.


1. Go to Company and click Company Information.




2. Add details to Basic Information.

Please note Display Name, Legal Name, and Email Address are the mandatory fields and cannot be left blank.

Display Name is the name as it will appear in Company Listing.

Legal Name is the name as the business is registered with the government.

Default Date Format can be edited anytime and will be effective throughout the site.





3. Add details to Address.

Please note if the Physical Address is same as Mailing Address, check the 'Same as Mailing Address' checkbox.





4. Enter information in Contact Details.




5. Add details in Social Media.




6. Click Update.




Please note Display Name, Legal Name and Email Address are the only mandatory fields in the whole section. You can fill out or leave the details as per need. Don't forget to click Update the information entered.


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