Invoice Format

Invoice Format is designing an invoice for your clients. Basic Invoice is a default invoice provided by SlickPie and all you have to do is to add your company information to customize it.


Customize Basic Invoice


1. Go to Company.




2. Click Invoice Formats under Company Setup.





3. Click Basic Invoice.




4. Choose a Design Name for the invoice so you can select from the list if you have more than one invoice format.


5. Input your Company Name as it will show up on the invoice.


6. Add the Address as it should appear on the invoice.


7. You can add a Footer. You can add Business Number or GST Number for your customer's reference.

Please note Footer limited to 30 characters.


8. Add something to the Notes. You can add a little thank you note or terms regarding the invoice payment.

Please note You can use only up to 50 characters in Notes.


9. Don't forget to Upload Logo.


10. Once the information is in, click Preview to see how the invoice looks like.


11. Once everything is finalized, click Update.






Add a New Invoice Format


1. Follow Steps 1 & 2 as mentioned in Customize Basic Invoice.


2. Click Add New.



3. Follow Steps 4-10 as mentioned in Customize Basic Invoice.


4. Click Save.




Please note

  • You can add as many invoice formats as you need. You can also select a particular design for a particular client.


  • There's a size limit to upload a logo. If you have a different size or having trouble uploading one, please email us the logo. We will upload the logo for you.


  • You can add up to 30 characters for Footer and 50 for Custom Note.




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